• "Agora was instrumental in my success in returning to the
    workplace. I could not have done it without this amazing team.”
    Mary Jane N.

About Us

Motivated by Gratitude and Compassion


The word Agora is Greek for ‘open place of assembly’ and, early in the history of Greece, the agora was the area in the city where free-born citizens could gather to hear civic announcements, muster for military campaigns or discuss politics.

At Agora Employment Essentials, the ‘gathering place’ we aspire to is:

  • A safe place to explore, grow and be challenged, where people are given respect and dignity
  • A place to build connections to the community
  • A place of transition into a better future

Our Charter of Service

RESPONSIBLE STEWARDSHIP: accountability for the resources we’ve been entrusted with
INTEGRITY: committed to speaking truthfully
SERVANT LEADERSHIP: leading by serving and investing in others to help them reach their full potential
SOCIO-ECONOMIC JUSTICE: dedicated to education and advocacy for social and economic justice
We do this with a ‘you-first,’ or client-focused perspective—it’s the core of who we are.


The Employment Development department of the Mennonite Central Committee BC (MCC BC) began its work in 1990. Agora Employment Essentials was founded as a social enterprise in 2012 and became the employment division of MCC BC in 2020. While the name has changed over the years, the commitment to serving our participants has remained unchanged.


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What we do for you

We walk alongside you in the process of finding career ‘fit’, and help you develop the skills to find and keep that job. We support you in gaining personal management skills to keep you moving forward. We challenge you to reach higher and farther and to take risks.

We work with refugees, indigenous peoples, youth who have barriers, women who have survived violence…anyone who is unemployed or under-employed. Whether you’re a professional or new to the workplace, we can help you develop new skills.

We are great networkers and we’ll connect you with resources and people on the way to achieving your career goals. We have built solid community partnerships that will benefit you.

Our youth programs include exposure to different kinds of jobs and work environments–from retail to hospitality to digital to film–and come with a good chunk of real work experience.

We also help employers find the right employee, and then offer on-the-job support. And we’re part of creating value-added companies that provide employment and impact our communities.

Organizational Affiliations  >>

Q u i c k    F a c t s

  • 70 projects completed with budgets amounting to more than $53 million

  • 35,000 people engaged through employment and/or community development projects

  • Partnerships that have included the provincial government of BC, the federal government of Canada, Vancouver Foundation, VanCity, community-based organizations and many, many local employers


Earn While You Learn!


Youth Keep Working, Agora Employment Essentials



Youth Keep Working is a 12-week paid training program that prepares you for the workplace, offering essential work skills training combined with practical hands-on experience.  >>more >>


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Take a Step

Bridging the Gapprovides a safe, caring environment for women, offering support on the way to entering or re-entering the workforce. The program supports women who have experienced abuse & are seeking to (re-)enter the workforce.   

Through our 14-week program, our staff will walk alongside participants to develop new skills and tools to gain independence, address the impacts of their abuse and grow their self-confidence. 

The program typically runs Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Program intake happens in September, and November, keep your eye out for upcoming intake details.

Through the 14 weeks, you will gain: 

An Understanding of YouYour Skills, Interests, Abilities, and Values 

Mindfulness Training for Self-care | Skills for Finding and Keeping a Job 

Skills Training through UFV to Open New Opportunities | Career Possibilities 

Personal Growth and Healing Workshops include: 

Setting Boundaries  |  Building Healthy Relationships  |  Problem-Solving 

Effective Communication  |  Self-Esteem  |  Addiction Awareness 

Understanding Anger & Conflict |  Positive Attitudes & Behaviors  

Budgeting Skills|Goal Setting 

Supports While You are in the Program: 

Training Allowance  |  Child Care Top-up  |  Transportation  |   Clothing 

Personal Coaching |Referrals for Free 1-on-1 Counselling 

In partnership with SARA for Women, Sardis Doorway, and Wilma’s Transition Society
With the support of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, and Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce

Agora Employment Essentials - Bridging the Gap

The Bridging the Gap program is currently not accepting applications. 


T: 604-859-6790 (Abbotsford)
T: 604-402-9108 (Chilliwack)

“We have been very pleased with the students Agora has placed with us--the program seems to encourage many of the work ethics I look for in my employees.”
--She’s My Florist Shop

Job Seekers

It's not just about finding work!

Looking for a job?

  • Does your resume make it to the top of the pile?
  • Need to focus your job search for better results?
  • Considering a new career or preparing to re-enter
    the workplace?

Our job search workshops are designed to give you the
support that leads to success.

  • Interested in training or further education?
  • Do you want to start your own business?

Our staff and partners offer these services at WorkBC
Centres across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley!

WorkBC Employment Services:

For anyone able to work in Canada

In Delta, White Rock and Cloverdale, partnering with:

Services for Youth

Are you between the ages of 18-24 and unemployed?
Need work experience and skills for the workplace?

Check out our youth employment initiatives:

Offered in Abbotsford / Chilliwack / Hope

Are you between the ages of 16-30 and unemployed?
Need work experience and skills for the workplace?

Youth Keep Working, Agora Employment Essentials

Our Youth Get Jobs in YKW!

Offered in Abbotsford


Access to a pool of screened, qualified, job-ready candidates.

 Looking to hire?

Contacting one of our partners’ employment centers gives you fast, free access to a diverse pool of potential employees. Recruitment services are free and tailored to your specific hiring needs.

  • Access to a diverse pool of screened, qualified, job-ready candidates
  • Free job-posting service
  • Access to wage subsidy
  • Advertise at our local job fairs or we’ll tailor your own recruitment event

“Thank you.  You’ve done a great job!”
– – National Sales Manager, Western Interlok Systems Ltd.

Contact any WorkBC Centre to Access Services for Employers:

WorkBC Employment Services

  • We have been very pleased with the students Agora has placed with us--the
    program seems to encourage many of the work ethics I look for in my employees.
    She’s My Florist Shop

  • Youth Keep Working
    With the help of the program I was able to find a job that fit me well.
    YKW Program Participant

  • We have hosted Youth Keep Working participants in the past for
    the work experience component of the program and will do so again.
    Ecoworks Landscape Services

Careers with Agora

Client-centered, Caring Professionals

We’re glad that you’re interested in working with MCC BC through Agora Employment Essentials

Join our team!

Our team is made up of caring, client-centered career development professionals. We believe in contributing to our communities and connecting our clients with resources that will lead to long-term growth and stability, both personally and professionally.

Current Openings:

The following position is available in South Surrey/White Rock:                      Employment Counsellor – South Surrey-White Rock

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