Apply to YKW

In order to apply for this program, you must be:

  • Between the ages of 15 and 30
  • Under-employed or not employed
  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • Looking for assistance in finding work

Instructions for Completing the Application

  1. Please answer all questions.
  2. If you need assistance completing the online form or answering the questions, Contact us directly by email or phone.
  3. When you finish the online application, attaching a resume and any letters of reference is optional.
  4. If  *required* information not available to you, answer with n/a (not applicable).
  5. You WILL receive an email confirming your application.

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Youth Keep Working Application

Youth Keep Working Application

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Your Participation

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Permission Regarding Personal Information

I give permission for YKW to contact persons listed on this form to obtain confirmation of information relevant to my participation in this program. I also give YKW permission to disclose required information to Service Canada and to my Case Manager regarding my participation and progress in this project.
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All personal information submitted on this application is kept confidential and is obtained for the purposes of background documentation, payroll, and program statistics. Any questions about the collection of this information can be directed to: