Access to a pool of screened, qualified, job-ready candidates.

 Looking to hire?

Contacting one of our partners’ employment centers gives you fast, free access to a diverse pool of potential employees. Recruitment services are free and tailored to your specific hiring needs.

  • Access to a diverse pool of screened, qualified, job-ready candidates
  • Free job-posting service
  • Access to wage subsidy
  • Advertise at our local job fairs or we’ll tailor your own recruitment event

“Thank you.  You’ve done a great job!”
– – National Sales Manager, Western Interlok Systems Ltd.

Contact Our Partners to Access Services for Employers

Vancouver-South |  Tel: 604-263-5005  |  Email: postajob@ywcavan.org

Vancouver-West|  Tel: 604-688-4666 | Email: postajob@ywcavan.org

Richmond | Tel: 1-855-201-2842  |  Email: needtohire@aviaemployment.ca

Abbotsford  |  Nalish Ladha |  Tel: 604-859-4500 |   Email: nalishl@abbotsfordworks.com 

Chilliwack  |  Tel: 604-795-9675  |  Email: chilliwack@gthiringsolutions.ca