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The GIG Project, Agora Employment Essentials, Abbotsford BC

The GIG Project will help you “Future-Proof” your career by teaching you the skills you need to negotiate the new economy.  Our program is project based and provides the chance to experience building your personal brand, skill building through earning certifications, and entrepreneurial best practices. Through it all you’ll have fun, connect with other young adults, and be immersed in an environment that wants you to succeed in your next steps and beyond.

Get the competitive edge you need with three experiential learning projects completed over five weeks:

  • Build Your Brand: The first project is an opportunity to craft and polish your personal brand through assessments and portfolio building. Entice employers with industry-recognized certification in relevant social media platforms. This enables you to present yourself with the confidence and clarity necessary for decision-makers to choose you for opportunities.
  • Build Your Value: The second is a chance to develop a digital marketing plan and build an effective digital and social media presence for an operating business. Along the way we’ll provide you the opportunity to achieve valuable digital marketing and social media certifications from recognized industry leaders.
  • Build Your Business: Last is the task of building a business plan and connect with the skills entrepreneurs and self-employed people use to secure their success. You’ll be situated to use your enterprising talents to better understand the business world and discover how you can make your own opportunities happen.

Are you ready to succeed in the future of work?

  • Up to $200/week for participating
  • Financial assistance with short term training, transportation, and child care
  • Assessments to build self-awareness and confidence
  • Build your personal brand and portfolio
  • Training in researching and composing business plans
  • Career direction, support and action planning
  • Discovering the gig economy and how to succeed in it
  • Support in landing your next job and incentives for that employer

In 5 weeks of group work

  • 25 hours a week of group and self-paced activities
  • Complete online certifications that employers will value
  • Accomplish achievements each week to build your portfolio

In 6 weeks of work placement

  • Assistance in connecting with the employer opportunities you want
  • Financial incentives for your next employer to hire and train you
  • Support in maintaining and succeeding in your new job

Are you eligible? (NEW!)

  • 17 to 29 years old
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Not a full-time student
  • Living in BC

Program Details

  • Completion Bonus: $1000 per participant
  • Project Length: 5 weeks group program, plus 6 weeks of wage-subsidized employment
  • Project Locations: Abbotsford, BC

Project Dates:

January 13, 2020
Call for future cohort start dates.


Facilitators: Aaron / Nalish
t: 604-746-1880
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The GIG Project is a program of  Agora Employment Essentials